October 4, 2016

Philippines war against illegal drug

Philippines newly elected president - Rodrigo Duterte - has started a war against illegal drug like shabu ( methamphetamine), and he has a massive support among the people as well as the senate and his own government. Methamphetamine is a extreme addictive drug, and it is estimated that methamphetamine abusers are responsible for a large amount of crime in the Philippines. However, the United Nation ( UN ) and European Union ( EU ) are scepitical to this war. Why? They think it's against human rights. Representatives from UN and EU will visit The Philippines during this year to discuss the situation. What cames out of it remains too see. President Duterte is an experienced politician. He has been a mayor in parts of Mindanao for more than 20 years, and the crime rates has been reduced by nearly 50 percent during his time as a mayor.

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte               Photo credit: Wikepedia

February 15, 2016

Quo vadis?

Where are we going? What do you want. Any suggestion? I've noticed that many of the resorts I've been writing reviews about has expanded, has more visitors, and even got much richer then before, but the author of this reviews didn't earn anything. Do you want your resort to expand ? I don't think I will write reviews of private establishment for free again. But if you make a donation of minimum 5K Php or so, we can do it. You can use the "donation" button at the right sidebar. Thank you, 

The thinker - a bronze sculpture created in 1904 by Auguste Rodin

August 16, 2015

Manila Ph seen through the eyes of a tourist

          A part of Metro Manila                photo credit: expat.com    
She's in her mid twenties, and came from Europe for a three weeks stay in the Philippines, and I took the opportunity to ask about her opinion as a tourist, she said: First of all I find the people here to be friendly, and that is an important thing. Second I was looking for a postcard, but it was hard to find. I've been looking in all book stores around, finally I found it in Mall of Asia, but I didn't find a post-office where I could post it. Further I find the traffic here to be very noisy, especially the motor-bikes, they're putting on exhaust pipes to make it extra noisy, and that's not necessary. It only scares tourist from this country. What more? Except from the above mentioned things, I enjoy my stay here, and actually i like this country as well, and I will probably be back here next summer. Further I hope the authorities will do something about the noisy traffic just to attract more tourists to this beautiful land. 

January 15, 2015

Pope Francis to visit the Philippines

On Thuesday, January 15. Pope Francis will visit the Philippines for the first time since Pope John Paul II visit way back in 1995. The Pope is staying in this country until Monday January, 19. These days are decleared as holydays by the government, governmental offices, schools and banks will be closed. The people of the Philippines ( which is a catholic country) welcome Pope Francis as a rock star. He is probably the most popular Pope in modern history. He also paid a visit to Tacloban, and the victims of the typhoon Yolanda before he went back to Rome on Monday, January 19.

December 1, 2014

Seven Resort (Guest post by Aiza Punzalan)

Seven Resort is a single pool resort also located by Aguinaldo Highway. It's a silent place where you can relax without disturbance from traffic noice despite it's approximatlely to the highway. It is two years since I was there with my family, my sister and her Korean husband,  the picture below was taken back in 2012. For me it seems to be an ideal place for family reunion, and -as you can see from the picture below- the resort is open for almost all kind of occations.

The one and only pool

Wooden cottages Nipa Hut roof

And finally, the price list

July 18, 2014

Typhoon Name "Glenda" hit Manila and surrounding areas at a speed of 150 km/h. Left at least 12 dead and hundreds of families homeless

"Glenda" is the strongest typhoon since the millenium typhoon in 2006. It ripped off roofs across the Manila area, killed at least 12 people and left hundreds of people homeless. The electric power and water supply was shut down for two to three days. Governmental offices and schools has been closed for several days, and about 370 000 people has been removed from high-risk areas to emergency shelters in six provinces. The death of 12 people was either caused by falling trees and electrical posts, while a fire volunteer died when he was hit by a block of concrete when hauling down a Philippine flag in Pasig City. In addition, three fishermen has been reported missed  in Catanduanes. The typhoon blew out of  the country yesterday, heading for northern Vietnam and China according to the weather forecast. It is still uncertain whether this is the final scope of the typhoon.

Death toll raised to 40
As the scope of the typhoon proceed, it is clear that at least 40 people has died and a larger number of missed persons has emerged  caused by storm, heavy rain and flood. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council  (NDRRMC) said most of the fatalities died after being hit by uprooted trees, fallen posts and other objects toppled by the strong wind of "Glenda". Some other died of drowning or suffered heart attack. About 7000 houses were totally destroyed while more than 19000 houses were partially damaged by the typhoon. Homeless families are evacuated to emergency shelters  in their respective areas. It is expected that the the number of dead and missed people will change after the final scope is detected. And as of July 21 the death toll has raised to 94  (Source: GMA TV news). 

May 3, 2014

My camera was stolen and pawned

This blog has not been updated for a while. One of the reasons is that my camera make Canon EOS 1100 D was stolen by the girl on the picture below. Her name is Jonalyn Menguria, also known as Whatzup which is her nickname among friends.

Jonalyn Menguria also named Whatzup

She has confessed that she - among many other things -  stole the camera and pawned it at a pawnshop in Dasma Bayan. I sent a written complain to the main office, and here is their reply:"Good day. We are sorry to inform you that branches in Cavite are only our agents, and they are not affiliated to us, we are not connected to them when it comes to pawning services. thank you for your understanding." Nothing to do about that then. But this case has also been investigated by investigators, and they revealed that this girl has a long criminal history. How can such people walk free? Where is justice? 

And I want to add a big thank to Stg. Racel Punzalan for his support in this case
Updated Thuesday May 6.

December 15, 2013

Philippine Airlines heading for Europe again

Heading for Europe again

Philippine Air carriers has been listed on the European Union (EU) air safety list since they did an poor audit by the International Civil Aviation Authority back in 2010. By August 2013, Philippine Airlines (PAL for short) has been removed from the list as they has shown "capacity to implement International safety standard again" the above mentioned authority said. In October 2013 Philippine Airlines regained regular flights to certain destinations in Europe. They started flights first to London (UK), but will gradually extend their flights to major airports in EU, including Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid and Frankfurt the PAL president Ramon Ang stated at a press conference in Manila on July 10, 2013.

November 16, 2013

The Philippines has the longest christmas celebration in the world

It's not unusual to hear Christmas carols on the radio and Television as early as the beginning of September in the Philippines.

November 16, 2013: Ate Carol by the newly decorated Christmas tree.
This country has the honor of being the nation of the world that starts Christmas celebration that early, and most shopping centers and malls starts the Christmas sale in September, lasting until December 24. The school vacation normally starts at December 15, and last until January 9, but there is just one official holiday marked red on the calendar, that is December 25 (Christmas Day).