January 23, 2013

Fun at Cool Martin Family Resort and Hotel, Bacoor

Cool Martin Family Resort and Hotel is situated across the highway from SM City Mall Bacoor, which is about a 15 minutes bus drive from the Metro Manila. This establishment has 20 rooms, including family rooms, and can host about 100 guests. It has an indoor swimming pool, restaurant, sauna, spa and karaoke bar. Check in time for the hotel is 2 pm, while check out is 12 noon. Price for swimming is 120 pesos  per head for adults, and 60 Php for kids. You can rent a family room for as low as 2500 pesos per night, equal to US$ 61, or 46. It's also open for walk-ins, that is for people that just want to use the facilities, without renting a room. Friendly staff, good service. International food is served. For more information, and location map, please click here

They had a lot of fun here, From the right: Aiza, her sister Camille and niece Aira

The swimming pool with sauna in the background

The living room

The kitchen

The parents bed
Double decker for the kids



  1. Cool! I been looking for some refreshment and I found your blog. I am thinking now to travel on that place and get some relaxation. I saw those room to accommodate and it is quite interesting. Thanks.

    You may look also on this website: Click

  2. They arrange wedding parties too?

  3. What is international food? Do they serve Korean food also?

    1. I don't know if they serve Korean food, but they served European/Continental and American food.

  4. By reading your post and seeing the images you've shred with us, it seems that they really had fun. Hope to visit this wonderful resort in cavite and I will recommend this also to my friend. Thank you.

  5. Do they serve European food there?

  6. Yes,and I already answered that question. See above..

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